How to Build A
3/4 Life Size Coffin

Items Needed To Build As Shown
2 peices of plywood
Several scrap peices of 2x4 (or 1x4 or even 1x2)
Box of Screws or nails (having wood glue helps)
Black tarping for the back
A saw that allows you to set degrees of angles
Paint of whatever color you choose

Tools: hammer, drill, measuring tape, and a saw, Staple Gun

Because of all of the math involved with this project, it would take me hours to give a complete set of instructions. Therefore, I will give a brief overview of how this was built as well as a progression of how it was built through images.

We cut the sides so that the coffin would angle about 60 degrees and only about 4ft in height. The angles for the top were the worst to determine and we ended up going at about a 55degree angle only because we made the top with scrap peices of the plywood and the size of the 3 scrap peices bent together at about that angle. The chair inside is an ergonomic chair from Staples where you sit with your knees bent under you (hiding your feet from site of the visitors as well as giving you a slight lean back to go along with the angle of the coffin. If the person (or prop) inside the office wearings a long skirt, it covers the wheels of the chair.