How to Build A Space Craft

Items Needed To Build As Shown
One peice of plywood
Several 6 inch tall 2x4 (or 1x4 or even 1x2) peices of wood.
Box of Screws or nails (having wood glue helps)
Duct Tape
Gray Plastic Tarping
Clear Rounded Punch Bowl
Alien Head (light up prop or foam head with mask will work)
Green Halloween Lights (12ft strand)
Tools: hammer, drill, measuring tape, and a saw, Staple Gun

Using a 4ft by 8 ft peice of plywood, cut 4 foot diameter circle out of it. Use the 6 inch tall boards to make a "stone henge" type lay out in the middle of the circle. Use wood glue to hold them in place while eventually screwing or nailing the boards in permanently from below.

These boards will not only give the craft an incline 3d look but also serve as the platform for the alien placed inside the bowl.

After boards are attached, lay the gray tarp on the ground and place the wood circle upside down on top of it. Pull the tarp tight and begin stapling it to the bottom of the circle.

Once staple flip back over.

Wrap Green lights around the edges of the ship, hlding them in place with silver duct tape. Place head inside and route electricity for all lights out the back of the prop. Place clear punch bowl upside down on top.